Photo study & Goal Achieved

Hey everyone, I did a photo study for this week’s drawing. I took this picture while on a road trip to try something new. This was a lot more time consuming than I initially thought, but it was pretty fun to do. I really like the colors in the photo I took as well as the scenery. I have a lot more pics from the road that I could study from, I may do that in the future.

Today marks the 52nd week in a row that I uploaded a new drawing! It’s been a long journey and I learned a lot. There were somethings that I wanted to do but haven’t been able to yet. I can still do them in the future though. It’s been a fun ride and there were many times I wanted to quit or just didn’t feel like drawing or creating something at all. Thank you for following and sticking with me through this! I don’t know if I’ll continue keeping this streak up as I want to work on my game, but who knows? I’ll always have more things to post!

Thanks for reading!

Junker Ship

Hey everyone, I have a digital drawing for this week’s … drawing. I wanted to step out of my comfort zone a bit and try doing a vehicle. Going back to an earlier drawing, I wanted to go a bit deeper with the “custom ship” idea. I like where it is so far, but I’m going to add more details to really sell the customization/modded look in the future. The two sketches in the back are what I came up with at first to get a feel for how it would look at an angle. I think learning 3d modeling would help me a lot. Now, I gotta get back to Tears of the Kingdom.

Thanks for reading!

Character Redesigns R3

Hello everyone, I’m back with another character redesign post.

Starting with my turtle kaiju, who doesn’t have a name yet, I can’t remember when I first created this character. Here is the earliest drawing I have of him.

I made this back in 2012. Before, he was just a turtle monster that was friends with KotO and QotC. I don’t remember how I felt about him here as I was having a hard time getting KotO right.

I drew this one in 2013 and I think this was the last time I drew him(or at least the last drawing I uploaded). I really liked this drawing at the time as I was having fun drawing weird characters.

In order to fit with the other two kaiju, I did a major redesign- making him a lot bigger, changing his body type, and making him more angular. I really like this color scheme I made, so I decided to keep it and make tweaks as necessary. I still kept him as a turtle as you can do a lot of fun and creative designs with them. With Koto being a water kaiju and QotC being a fire/lava kaiju, I thought that earth would fit this guy the best.

Moving on to Rocket,

This was the first drawing I made of him back in 2012. I made this with Colors!3d for the 3ds. Funny enough, I decided to look for my colors page and this was the first link.

This one was made in 2013. As I look at both of these, I cringe at all the anatomical errors but I also remember being happy and impressed by these as I compared them to my older drawings. I also really like the way I colored him in this, might have to try this tout again someday.

This was the last time I drew him- back in 2015 for inktober. I don’t remember why I stopped drawing him, I think I was discouraged because I didn’t think my drawing skills were where I thought it should be. I was in my first year of college at the time, so that was also a big factor. I really wish I hadn’t taken such a long break from drawing, but I’m glad I stuck with it and am still at it!

Nearly 10 years later I have a redesign! Here is my colored sketch. This time, I used gradient maps. Wasn’t too hard, but I’d need to practice and experiment more with it. I kept his design mostly the same, I made his ‘hair’ long to make his silhouette more distinct. I’m not good at drawing fashion, so the clothes will change in the future. There are some minor things I’ll tweak here and there, but I really like where this is at right now.

Thanks for reading!

Copic Clouds

Hey everyone, I have a traditional drawing for this week. I used my ink brush and copic markers for this. I was going to also use my fountain pens, but I realized that they both ran out of ink. Really unfortunate, but more is coming on Wednesday. I got some grey copic markers and wanted to see how they would blend. I also found out the paper I use isn’t very good for blending, oh well…

I hope to get my next piece finished soon so I can post earlier in the week.

Flame Bot

Hey everyone, I’m making this post a lot later than I anticipated. To start off, I think I found a better way to get my sketches done! It’s basically free-form drawing where I draw very loosely and without lifting my pencil from the canvas. I found this video after I made my sketch with this method. It really helped me to capture the gesture I wanted without restarting over and over again like my post from 2 weeks ago. I think this will help me get my work done a lot faster. I actually got the line art done yesterday and was going to do the rest today, but I honestly have no idea how time slipped away from me. I still finished on time though.

Lastly, I think I want to move my posts from Saturday to Monday, I heard people typically get more engagements from Monday-Wednesday. This would help me build my audience if it’s true.

I hope to have some more stuff to show next week!