Artfight R1

This is my first attack on Amira_Moonlake of her character, Bayou. I experimented with the pencil brush and pastel brush with this one. While I do like how it came out, I don’t think I’ll continue drawing in this style.

Next attack is on Turbobear and CosmicBlock of their characters, Secrypt and Nightshade. I think I used brushes in the pen group mostly. I do like how this came out, but I wished I pushed Nightshade’s pose more to strengthen the dynamism. I think I will continue using this style from time to time.

Lastly, here is my attack on ILusSaturn and venusambassador of their characters, Shiatake and Aetos. I really like how this came out. This is the art style I’ve wanted and the one I am going to draw in and push and improve. All this experimentation has really paid off.

Read more on my blog post!

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