Shocking Umbra

Hey everyone, I have another pixel art gif for this week. I wanted to animate differently, mostly by using fewer layers. I ended up using 3 layers for this and found the process to be a little easier than my last animation. I’m not sure if this way is better for making games, but I’ll just have to continue experimenting and find what works best for me.

Regarding my game design journey, I was researching which game engine to get into and practice. I think GameMaker is the best choice for me right now. I might make super small Game&Watch esque games to start off and get used to the program.

Lastly, I was really feeling burnt out this week. I was drawing on my iPad, but I just didn’t like anything I made. This week marks 42 of posting something each week. I am so close to my goal of one year so I’m not gonna give up.

That’s all for this week, later!

Misc. Character Designs

Hey everyone, it’s been a pretty rough week for me in terms of drawing. I think I’m starting to feel burnt out. I really didn’t like any of the sketches I made, so I decided to change course and try something new. I did this exercise where you draw random blobs and make characters out of them. It was pretty fun, but … I don’t know. I think not being able to draw what I initially wanted to put a bad taste in my mouth. I also still wasn’t able to move up my post date. Hopefully, I’ll have a better outcome next week!

Copic Clouds

Hey everyone, I have a traditional drawing for this week. I used my ink brush and copic markers for this. I was going to also use my fountain pens, but I realized that they both ran out of ink. Really unfortunate, but more is coming on Wednesday. I got some grey copic markers and wanted to see how they would blend. I also found out the paper I use isn’t very good for blending, oh well…

I hope to get my next piece finished soon so I can post earlier in the week.

Pixel Ships

Hey everyone, I’ve decided to do some pixel art for this week’s piece. I followed this tutorial and used this color scheme. Initially, I was only going to do the pixel art without any by itself but decided to do a small animation. I’ve never really done any pixel art animation but this tutorial really helped. Anyway, making the ships was pretty fun, especially experimenting with a limited color scheme. Still learning pixel art and getting into animation, I hope to reach the level that I envision!

Flame Bot

Hey everyone, I’m making this post a lot later than I anticipated. To start off, I think I found a better way to get my sketches done! It’s basically free-form drawing where I draw very loosely and without lifting my pencil from the canvas. I found this video after I made my sketch with this method. It really helped me to capture the gesture I wanted without restarting over and over again like my post from 2 weeks ago. I think this will help me get my work done a lot faster. I actually got the line art done yesterday and was going to do the rest today, but I honestly have no idea how time slipped away from me. I still finished on time though.

Lastly, I think I want to move my posts from Saturday to Monday, I heard people typically get more engagements from Monday-Wednesday. This would help me build my audience if it’s true.

I hope to have some more stuff to show next week!

Octus Sketch

I wasn’t very productive with my art this week. I decided to take it a bit easier this week and just sketch out some things. I am glad I did because I had a great time just letting go and enjoying my sketching process. I decided now would be a great time to experiment with different coloring and shading techniques as well as try out new brushes. Anyway, here’s a sketch of my character, Octus.

Pixim and Garvao

Hey everyone. This is coming really late but it’s not because I procrastinated, I just really did not like anything I came up with for this week’s drawing. I wanted to draw something dynamic and with multiple characters. The majority of the time spent on this was rough sketching. According to the statistics in Procreate, I spent almost 15 hours on this. Hours of sketching and staring at the canvas and restarting over and over and over again, but I do like how it came out… sorta. A lot of lessons were learned during this. I’ll do thumbnail sketches and try to let loose for next week. I think that should help, or maybe I can do more human studies or life drawings.

Lastly, I’m still planning my game and I think these two will be the subject or main/playable characters in it. I also have an idea for the genre and gameplay too. I just hope what I’m planning will be relatively easy for a first game project!

Until next time, later!