Photo study & Goal Achieved

Hey everyone, I did a photo study for this week’s drawing. I took this picture while on a road trip to try something new. This was a lot more time consuming than I initially thought, but it was pretty fun to do. I really like the colors in the photo I took as well as the scenery. I have a lot more pics from the road that I could study from, I may do that in the future.

Today marks the 52nd week in a row that I uploaded a new drawing! It’s been a long journey and I learned a lot. There were somethings that I wanted to do but haven’t been able to yet. I can still do them in the future though. It’s been a fun ride and there were many times I wanted to quit or just didn’t feel like drawing or creating something at all. Thank you for following and sticking with me through this! I don’t know if I’ll continue keeping this streak up as I want to work on my game, but who knows? I’ll always have more things to post!

Thanks for reading!

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