Misc. Character Designs

Hey everyone, it’s been a pretty rough week for me in terms of drawing. I think I’m starting to feel burnt out. I really didn’t like any of the sketches I made, so I decided to change course and try something new. I did this exercise where you draw random blobs and make characters out of them. It was pretty fun, but … I don’t know. I think not being able to draw what I initially wanted to put a bad taste in my mouth. I also still wasn’t able to move up my post date. Hopefully, I’ll have a better outcome next week!

Copic Clouds

Hey everyone, I have a traditional drawing for this week. I used my ink brush and copic markers for this. I was going to also use my fountain pens, but I realized that they both ran out of ink. Really unfortunate, but more is coming on Wednesday. I got some grey copic markers and wanted to see how they would blend. I also found out the paper I use isn’t very good for blending, oh well…

I hope to get my next piece finished soon so I can post earlier in the week.

Pixel Ships

Hey everyone, I’ve decided to do some pixel art for this week’s piece. I followed this tutorial and used this color scheme. Initially, I was only going to do the pixel art without any by itself but decided to do a small animation. I’ve never really done any pixel art animation but this tutorial really helped. Anyway, making the ships was pretty fun, especially experimenting with a limited color scheme. Still learning pixel art and getting into animation, I hope to reach the level that I envision!