Flame Bot

Hey everyone, I’m making this post a lot later than I anticipated. To start off, I think I found a better way to get my sketches done! It’s basically free-form drawing where I draw very loosely and without lifting my pencil from the canvas. I found this video after I made my sketch with this method. It really helped me to capture the gesture I wanted without restarting over and over again like my post from 2 weeks ago. I think this will help me get my work done a lot faster. I actually got the line art done yesterday and was going to do the rest today, but I honestly have no idea how time slipped away from me. I still finished on time though.

Lastly, I think I want to move my posts from Saturday to Monday, I heard people typically get more engagements from Monday-Wednesday. This would help me build my audience if it’s true.

I hope to have some more stuff to show next week!

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