Pixim and Garvao

Hey everyone. This is coming really late but it’s not because I procrastinated, I just really did not like anything I came up with for this week’s drawing. I wanted to draw something dynamic and with multiple characters. The majority of the time spent on this was rough sketching. According to the statistics in Procreate, I spent almost 15 hours on this. Hours of sketching and staring at the canvas and restarting over and over and over again, but I do like how it came out… sorta. A lot of lessons were learned during this. I’ll do thumbnail sketches and try to let loose for next week. I think that should help, or maybe I can do more human studies or life drawings.

Lastly, I’m still planning my game and I think these two will be the subject or main/playable characters in it. I also have an idea for the genre and gameplay too. I just hope what I’m planning will be relatively easy for a first game project!

Until next time, later!

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