Artfight R1

Hey, Ultra here, I have decided to participate in artfight this year. I wanted to try drawing different characters and still continue experimenting with my art style. I have completed 3 attacks this week!

This is my first attack on Amira_Moonlake of her character, Bayou. I experimented with the pencil brush and pastel brush with this one. While I do like how it came out, I don’t think I’ll continue drawing in this style.

Next attack is on Turbobear and CosmicBlock of their characters, Secrypt and Nightshade. I think I used brushes in the pen group mostly. I do like how this came out, but I wished I pushed Nightshade’s pose more to strengthen the dynamism. I think I will continue using this style from time to time.

Lastly, here is my attack on ILusSaturn and venusambassador of their characters, Shiatake and Aetos. I really like how this came out. This is the art style I’ve wanted and the one I am going to draw in and push and improve. All this experimentation has really paid off.

Before I go, I recently bought the TourBox. This has really improved my workflow and really sped up my work process. The combination of the TourBox and artfight has really inspired me and made me super excited to draw!

Thanks for reading!

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