Character Redesign: Blue

Hey, Ultra here with another character redesign! This time, I redesigned the first character I’ve ever made. This character has been the one I’ve redesigned the most and had the most complex design relationship with. While I still do have the first drawing, I can’t get to it as it is buried under books, magazines, and other papers. Other than that, here is the earliest drawing I still have.

I made this in 2012 in colors for 3ds, as you can see, Blue looked a lot like Pikachu, this is because he started off as a fakemon. The first drawing I ever made of him was in a scholastic pokemon book in 2002 or 2003 (the book had gen 3 pokemon) he looked mostly the same here, but he had no mouth. I can’t remember the reason why, but I didn’t really draw him much between this time and when I went to high school. I think I wasn’t that into drawing during these years and was more content with just having my characters in my imagination. As I got older, I knew I needed to redesign him and make him move away from the Pikachu look, I gave him some equipment to help but wasn’t totally satisfied.

I remember doodling this in health class after I finished my work and my teacher and some student around me was interested. This is pretty much the same design as above, but I didn’t have a scanner so my mom would scan my drawings at her job, which resulted in the weird cropping.

This one is still in 2012, I was reminiscing about him and how he was the first character I’ve created, so I wanted to draw him and incorporate him with my designs for class. I, unfortunately, can’t find those designs, but I know I still have them on some flash drive.

2013, 1st major redesign. As I was thinking about this character more, I wondered what his story is and what kind of character I wanted to convey to him. I thought he’d look best as an adventurer, so I just slapped on a cape, pants, belt, and some shoes. I felt sort of mixed with the end result, some things I liked and other things I didn’t. Also, Mario and Luigi Dream Team was coming out at this time and I tried to replicate the style.

2015, 2nd major redesign. I made these for Inktober in hopes that it would motivate me to draw more since I hadn’t drawn anything in a long time. I was once again exploring his character and what he would actually do. Then I thought he’d really fit as a wizard or magic kind of character. I still kept the cape, ear things, pants, and shoes, but decided to add a hood and shirt. I was content with it at the time but still wasn’t satisfied with it.
2017, Pixel icon for my Tumblr art blog. I really struggled with this icon, I just couldn’t get the hood right and couldn’t come up with a good color scheme. But I did like how the icon looked. Side note, I want to get back into pixel art.

2020, 3rd major redesign. First off, I can’t believe I made this in 2020, I really thought I did this a few years before. Anyway, I hadn’t drawn Blue for a couple years so I wanted to draw him for my birthday. I got rid of the hood (I realized I don’t like drawing hoods) and mostly tried to keep his design more simple. I made this in Affinity Photo, it’s a pretty ok drawing platform, but it’s way better for photo manipulation and whatnot.

4th redesign and one I am finally happy with! I’ve been thinking a lot about him since I last drew him and, once again, thought long and hard about what he does and who he is as a character. This design is basically everything I was thinking of, he looks cute thanks to his overall roundness, but can still be fierce thanks to the pointy edges in his design. He’s not based on any animal, he’s just an enigma in a bizarre world. Also, this is the second illustration made of him.

This is the first one, I liked the angle and whatnot, but didn’t like the overall picture, so I just quickly finished this up and made the one above.

Lastly, here’s a sketch I made when I was coming up with the redesign. I mainly wanted to see how everything would work here and not in a thumbnail sketch.

Alright, thanks for reading!

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