2022 Update

Certainly has been a while, huh?

I didn’t mean to go this long without another blog post, but I was busy with college, work, and life. This is hopefully my last semester in college if all goes to plan. Anyway, I’m taking a lot of art classes and am going to start posting some of the works I’ve created. These aren’t typically what I create, but they can be a nice variety.

I also want to redesign my site as I’m not totally in love with this WordPress theme. I found a program that will let me create my own theme, but the integration hasn’t been going well. I think I need to upgrade my plan for it to work, which I kind of don’t want to do. I may look to other web hosting sites, but this isn’t on the top of my to do list.

Other than that, it’s been hard finding time to draw for myself, I feel really burnt out being in so many art classes. I’m still hanging in there, but I fear that I won’t be able to keep up with this pace. I just want this semester to end already haha. Anyway, I’m going to post my work now.

Thanks for reading!

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