Character redesigns & site update

Hey, Ultra here.

This is my first post where I will go in depth about my art process and discuss where I’ll make changes.

This was the sketch I made around the end of August, I didn’t mean to wait this long before digitizing and color it, but college needed more of my attention. I also haven’t been feeling motivated to work on it, but I am trying to get into a consistent routine where I can create and post my works more frequently. With that said, I had some troubles when it came to digitizing this. I thought the sketch was fine, but my phone’s camera picked up on noise and faded lines. This wasn’t a problem before as I was able to take out my blue sketch lines without any problems. I tried using different lighting and looked up better ways to photograph sketches. I tried to fix it up in Affinity Photo, but there was a lot of noise when I transferred it to Clip studio. I eventually found the “Sketchbook” app on android. This let me have the background completely white and the lines to be almost completely black. It works ~fine~ for what I needed, but I am still trying to find a better method for what I need.

I thought my sketch was dark enough, but it looks like I’ll have to make it darker. I now have some new pencils in my pencil case (I’ll update the “Software & equipment” page) that should help me with this.

Here are the sketches colorized!

I used a different method when coloring these. I followed this tutorial from Marc Burnet.

I am still experimenting and finding out a method that works well for me, but I do like this method. I like how the character on the left came out more than the one on the right. Both these characters have a limited color scheme, so I guess this works better on a subject with more color. I also did the shading and lights with a water color brush in clip studio. I like how it came out, but I think a sharper shading and lighting style is more my taste. I also made the backgrounds in Affinity Designer. The image at the bottom was also made for fun.

For comparison sake, here they are from 2018

I made these in Medibang paint. They were both sketches at first, but the one on the left was traced over while the one on the right was colored digitally. I’ve been redesigning these two for a while actually. Here they are in 2012.

I made this in Colors 3d for the Nintendo 3ds. For a while, that was my primary program for making art. Seeing this fills me with cringe, but I guess that means I’ve grown as an artist.

Now for the website update.

Pretty small update but I have decided to add a tutorials page, these will be tutorials that I have followed and used before. This way will show people how I make my art and overall good tutorials to follow.

I have a lot of ideas that I want to implement now, I want to get back into making pixel art and maybe animate some. I think implementing them into my blog posts would be pretty cool!

Until next time, later.

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